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Uganda to Use Equator in Boosting Tourism

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A stop at Uganda equator is a must for most if not all Uganda safaris to western and southwestern Uganda. If you have been ever on a Ugandan safari, you should have seen fleets of tour vehicles stopped by the equator and travelers taking photographs in different style at the equator. The Uganda equator is a gateway to Bwindi/Mgahinga gorilla national parks hence a first stop for all Uganda gorilla safaris and a gateway to Bwindi impenetrable forest/ Mgahinga gorilla national park homes to the critically endangered mountain gorillas and other wildlife safaris to Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth national parks. For those who have never been there, the Uganda equator is located in Kayabwe county Mpigi district roughly 72 kilometers from Kampala the capital of Uganda. A stand at the equator gives you a chance to stand in the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time. Interestingly, several tourism businesses such as restaurants, cafes, art galleries, NGO projects restrooms and souvenir shops have been established at the equator to make your stay indeed pleasant. Travelers can choose to have their breakfast right the equator, which make the experience exceptional. Just like other attractions in Uganda, the equator is highly visited in the peak season between the months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February when a high number of people are traveling.

Benefits of the equator

The existence of the equator has been of great benefit to the people of Kayabwe and the pearl of Africa as a whole. The benefits are direct and indirect for the wellbeing of local people and Uganda tourism fraternity. To the local people in Kayabwe, the equator is a great asset, which has improved the standards of living and various direct and indirect ways. First of all, the equator has put Kayabwe on the world travel map without which this indigenous village would not be known. The equator has offered local people with unique opportunities to experience a moment of a lifetime through creating employment opportunities, which earn them good income. Land in Kayabwe has gained value due to the presence of the equator and the associated developments. The cost of a plot of land of 50 by 100ft is roughly 8 to 10 million, which is expensive but good for the local people.

To the travelers, a stop at the equator reward you with a chance to stand in the southern and northern hemispheres of earth on one location. Uganda is of the few countries crossed by the equator and is one of the reasons why the country was dubbed the pearl of Africa.

Who is responsible for the equator?

Unlike other tourism attractions where a local guide awaits visitors to give an explanation about the site, you will not find anyone at the equator. The belief is that most travelers know what the equator is and therefore the only activity to do on this spot to taking as many photographs as possible. At present, there is no one who seems responsible for the equator. However, since it’s a monument, most people believe that it falls under the museums department in Uganda. For the past years, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has maintained the equator with the support from the ministry of works and transport during rehabilitation. The future plans tell that Uganda Wildlife Authority will take responsibility for the Equator and include it among Uganda’s renowned tourism spots. Unfortunately, the equator was of recent hit by a speeding truck, which demolished it. The government is still looking for new designs after which it will find the appropriate budget to build up another presentable equator. Also, the government plans to partner with a private sector mainly Hima cement which has showed already showed interest. After drafting an appropriate budget, Uganda Wildlife Authority will take the lead in the reconstruction of the Equator since its situated in Queen Elizabeth national park managed by UWA.

Also, the yet to be built equator will be included in the geology department since the imaginary lines which describe the equator keep on moving rotating from time to time. We have brought on board the department of geology because the imaginary lines are not static, they keep moving over time. The government also plans to develop many more monuments to ensure travelers enjoy memorable time in the pearl of Africa.
In general, a Uganda safari without a stop at the equator is undeniably incomplete. Visit the pearl of Africa, have fun at the equator and enjoy the beauty nature has blessed Uganda with.

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