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Uganda is blessed with over 10 national parks and quite a number of other tourists places including cultural centers, zoos, islands etc, which can be visited by visitors when travelling to Uganda. Discussed below Information and all you need to know about the different Ugandan national parks.


Murchison falls national park
Murchison Falls National Park lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment drops into vast, palm-dotted savanna. First gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, it is Uganda’s largest and oldest preservation area, having 76 species of mammals and 451 birds. Read More about Murchision Falls NP


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park lies in southwestern Uganda on the edge of the Rift Valley. Its mist-covered hillsides are covered by one of Uganda’s oldest and most biologically varied rainforests, which dates back over 25,000 years and contains almost 400 species of plants. More prominently, this “impenetrable forest” also guards an estimated 320 mountain gorillas – approximately half of the world’s inhabitants, including several habituated groups, which can be tracked by visitors. Read More about Bwindi National Park


Queen Elizabeth national park
Queen Elizabeth National Park is said to be Uganda’s most admired tourist destination. The park’s various ecosystems, which include sprawling savanna, shady, humid forests, sparkling lakes and fertile wetlands, make it the ideal home for classic big game, ten primate species including chimpanzees and over 600 birds species. Read More on Queen Elizabeth NP


Kibale National Park
Kibale National Park comprises of a diverse zones of tropical forest in Uganda. Large forest cover, mixed together with some patches of grassland and swamp covers much of the northern and central parts of the park along a high plateau. Kibale forest is habitat to a over 13 primate species including the chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee tracking is the mojor safari activity that takes place in this park. The park also comprises of over 375 species of birds. Read More on Kibale National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park