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UTB Partners With Golfers To Promote Tourism

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golf tourism in Uganda

It’s not only the mountain gorillas that make Uganda an exceptional destination. The pearl of Africa is endowed with unlimited beauties some of which have not been tapped. Uganda tourism board has disclosed gold tourism as Uganda’s new tourism product which most have not known about. A few days back, the Uganda Tourism Board signed a memorandum of understanding with the Uganda Golf Union (UGU) to promote golf tourism in the pearl of Africa. The partnership was held at the Uganda Golf Club in Kitante Kampala to lay strategies on how best to welcome and promote the incoming Uganda golf tours set to commence officially on 30th March 2019. The initiative was highly welcomed by the president of Uganda Golf Union who thanked Uganda tourism board for having sought about this idea. The UGU president further clarified that golf is one form of sports tourism, which has been untapped. Unlike other sports tourism activities, golf is exceptional in a way that participants can play for the whole day and even come back the next day for the same game. It’s such an enjoyable game.

From time to time, Golf tourism has improved attracting between 5-6% of total visitors from all parts of the world with the sole purpose of playing golf. Most of the golf players come from the United States generating 26.7 million golf players, 5.5 million in Europe, 5 million in Canada, 14 million in Japan and 3.8 million in the United Kingdom. Fortunately, these countries are Uganda’s major source of tourism market hence gives hope of an increased number of golf players to Uganda. In terms of economy, golf tourism is among the sources of foreign exchange earner for Uganda.

With no doubt, Uganda will soon be positioned as a premier golf tourism destination given the country’s conducive climate that gives travelers a chance to play golf all day night long. Unlike in most European and Unites States countries, which get covered by ice and snow sometimes, Uganda is winter free which give golf players chance to pay their game throughout. Golf players to Uganda, therefore, have added advantages of playing with no limit. Also, the strategic location of golf course cents near tourism attractions will make it easy for visitors to combine golf playing with tourism. It’s so fortunate that all golf centers in Uganda are located close to tourism centers. The Jinja golf course is just a short distance from the source of the Nile, Mbale golf course near Mt Elgon & Sipi falls, Kabale golf course near Lake Bunyonyi, Entebbe golf course near Lake Victoria and the Uganda wildlife education center while the Kampala golf course is located in the center of Kampala city a hub for business, shopping and city tours among others. The nearness between golf courses and tourism attractions gives a chance that every golfer coming to Uganda will automatically experience the surrounding tourist attractions without complications. This is an opportunity that has not been tapped. The pearl of Africa has 18 golf course centers, which give golf players a variety of choices.

Fortunately, the partnership between the Uganda golf union and Uganda tourism board will be of mutual benefit for the two bodies. Every visitor who comes for golf must travel to the golf course which transport is part of tourism. Also, golf players sleep in hotels for food and bed services, which indirectly support the tourism industry. This tells that the experienced golf is surely big and beyond what most people may think. According to the outgoing chief executive officer of Uganda tourism board, UTB together with UGU is determined to promote Uganda as a top golf tourism destination in Africa. Most of these travelers are the elderly who are in their leisure time. On a global scale, golf contributes over $20 billion annually tourism and is a secondary motivator able to attract millions of holidaymakers from all over the world.

Other tourism in Uganda
In addition to golf, Uganda is naturally endowed with unlimited beauties. These range from beautiful sceneries, hospitable people, wildlife, birds, mountains, lakes, rivers, and valleys among others. The leading tourism activities in Uganda are gorilla watching in Bwindi forest/Mgahinga gorilla national park, game viewing, cultural encounters, bird watching, and mountaineering tours. A combination of these, make a complete Uganda safari package to meet, satisfy and exceed every visitors travel expectations.

Golf tourism is an experience of its own kind. Those who have done it before comparing it to no other game. Come to Uganda oh you golfers, play golf to the fullest with no limit at low rates.

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