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Uganda is truly gifted by nature with a number of wild life species that are majorly located in the leading national parks. Most of these attractions are viewed by tourists on game drives however for the national parks and leading tourism destinations with water bodies, boat trips are usually preferred to enable the tourists ride on some of the great lakes and rivers in uganda viewing major unique wildlife species.

Uganda is blessed with a network of lakes and rivers that have many aquatic wildlife species. The major lakes include lake victoria, lake Mburo, lake Albert, lake Bunyonyi, lake Edward, lake George, the great river Nile, river Semuliki and the Kazinga channel. These water trips in Uganda can be made at any time of the year and tourists are guided with well-trained tour guides with enough information about the leading tourism attractions in the country. The major tourism destinations where impressive boat rides can be done include the following

Murchison Falls National Park

The park covers parts of mid western and northern Uganda, near lake albert and crossed by the great river Nile. The major boat trips are made along the river Nile towards the famous Murchison falls with great sightings of both land and water wildlife species that include elephants grazing as others drink water along the river banks, a number of hippos relaxing in the shallow waters along the river banks, crocodiles not forgetting the beautiful bird species.

While near the bottom of falls, the only sound you here is that of the waters as it hits hard through the gorges forming a misty cloud and a permanent rain ball.

Boat trips in Murchison falls national park are made daily on a launch that departs for wildlife water expeditions at 9:00am and 2:00pm taking tourists for a 3 hours ride. For those interested in viewing the African sun set while on the Nile, there is a sundowner cruise boat that takes tourists along the Nile at 5:30 pm. Boat trips in Murchison falls national park are very rewarding and tourists interested in viewing unique birds like the shoebill stork, grey crowned cranes can never have any regrets.

Lake Mburo National Park

This is located in western Uganda and the national park encloses the lake from which it was named. Lake Mburo has a number of aquatic wildlife species that include the hippopotamus, crocodiles, birds and a number of fish, which makes the national park among the leading sport fishing destinations in Uganda.

Boat trips here take duration of about 2 hours however those who would want to spend more time on the lake can talk to the park officials for negotiations. Boat trips not only offer a view of the unique wildlife species in the park but also great scenic views of the landscape and true African wilderness.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is among the top boat trip safari destinations in Uganda. Boat trips here are usually made along the Kazinga channel, which has the highest population in east and central Africa. Many of them are seen grazing on the fresh grasses just besides the river as others keep relaxing in the shallow waters of the riverbanks.

Hippos are not the only wildlife species that can be viewed on a boat trip along the Kazinga channel. Other unique wildlife species include a number of birds, crocodiles, elephants on the land grazing and a number of buffalos.

Boat trips last for about 2 hours and usually start at 8:00 am and 2:00pm. The guides on the launch do most of the narrating explaining the major wildlife species viewed while on the ride.

Lake Bunyonyi

This among the deepest lakes in Africa located in southwestern Uganda. The lake has about 29 islands most of which are terraced offering great scenic views. The lake has a number of birds and that’s the main reason it’s called Bunyonyi meaning a place of birds. The major birds that can be viewed along the lake include herons, crowned cranes, weavers and many others. Boat trips here are usually made using dug out canoes and the water is hippo and crocodile free meaning its safe for swimming. However expert swimmers are the ones recommended because of the depth of the Lake!

Lake Victoria

This 3rd largest lake on the planet has a number of islands including the Ssese islands with well-developed resorts and fine sand beaches. There is also Ngamba Island, which has a chimpanzee sanctuary and a home to a number of orphan chimpanzees. Tourists are welcome to the island to view the human closet primate as well as other attractions like the monitor lizards and a number of birds.

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