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Wildlife Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in western Uganda and shared by districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo and Bushenyi, Queen Elizabeth Park is 1978km2 in size. The park is 5- 6hours drive from Kampala on a surfaced road via Mbarara, and can be reached on a dirt road; the park includes parts of Lakes Edward and George linked by Kazinga channel, the channel is believed to be 40kms long and 8 meters deep. A tour to queen Elizabeth national park takes travelers exploring a number of adventure activities like wildlife viewing, boat cruises, game drives, birding, community interaction and so much more:

Queen Elizabeth National park boosts in an excess of 550 species of birds that have actually made it a charming destination for guests that love watching birds and among the bird habitats offered within this national park are Open woodlands, rivers, open grassland, lakes seasonal as well as permanent swamps.
There are several aquatic birds such as the White-faced Whistling, Spur-winged Plovers, Squacco Heron, Fish Eagle, Pink and white backed Pelicans, Long tailed Cormorants, African Jacana, Yellow backed Weavers, open-billed Stork, Water-Thick knee, Pied kingfishers, Wattled Plovers, the Black Crake, hamerkop, hadada ibis, sacred ibis, cattle egret, great cormorants, marabou stork, yellow billed stork, Egyptian geese and the Knob-billed Ducks all found along the impressive Kazinga Channel in the park.

Game driving
This is done in the open grass lands of queen Elizabeth national park and is always done in the early morning and evening as the animals are grazing, and haunting, during the game drives, travelers have the opportunity to a variety of wild animals which include the big five (elephants, buffalos, leopards and lions), Uganda kobs, waterbucks, warthogs, impalas and many other animals. As travelers drive towards the southern sector of the national park which is ishasha, they are privileged to see the intriguing climbing lions in the acacia trees which are not found anywhere else in Uganda. However, travelers should know that seeing these animals is not a guarantee but rather a chance that a tourist gets.

Chimpanzee trekking
This activity is done in the kyambura gorge in queen Elizabeth national park, chimpanzees are the closest relatives to human beings as they posses 98% of human genes, they live in families and each family is headed by a dominant chimpanzee that help in defending the entire family. The trekking starts at 8 am and 2 pm daily taking about 3-4 hours, travelers interact with the chimpanzees as they pose for photographs, make noise to defend themselves and feed their young ones a true human characters, this experience is for memorable to the travelers.

Boat Trip
This is done along kazinga channel which is 40kms long and 8 meters deep, the activity takes maximum two hours and is done five times a day. Here the traveler has all the chances of seeing all aquatic animals which include crocodiles, hippos, buffalos as the come for drinking water, water birds such as the African king fisher, great cormorants and the yellow billed stork among others. Other animals in the park such as the elephants, warthogs and the waterbucks can also be seen during the launch trip activity. This activity always starts from lake George and stops where the two lakes meet George and Edward providing tourists good times as they enjoy the fresh air on the waters., it’s a real memorable experience.
Visit the crater lakes
These lakes include Lake Katwe for salt mining located far western Uganda south of the equator in katwe kabatoro town council, Busongora South County in the top hill parish. The lake is an explosion crater formed as a result of volcanic eruptions 10,000 years ago and appears on the same contour lines with other explosion crater lakes within the same clusters. While at the lake, the traveler has the opportunity to see other hanging rocks, the dome and other pyrocrasts. The other crate r lakes include lake Nyamunyanyanga which is a habitat for the lesser and greater flamingos the migrate seasonally from lake Nakuru for food. Viewing these beautiful and eye catching bird species is a great experience for every traveler to this area.

Where to stay
While in queen Elizabeth national park, travelers have access to accommodation facilities offered at affordable prices. These include mweya safari lodge, katara lodge, kingfisher lodge, kyambura game lodge, kyambura tented camp, Queen Elizabeth safari camp and Rwenzori international hotel. All these offer services that meet both national and international standards.
Conclusively, Travelers planning to travel should endeavor not to miss out such opportunities and high quality services in Queen Elizabeth national park.

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