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Top 4 wildlife Uganda national Parks

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uganda wildlife safari

uganda wildlife safari
Uganda known to the many as the pearl of Africa and truly gifted by nature is one country where one can get a glimpse of the real wildlife in a natural ecosystem. This landlocked country is situated in east Africa bordering Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, DRC and south Sudan. Uganda has the source of the great rive Nile the longest river on the planet and it’s also a home of the 3rd largest lake on the planet (lake victoria).
Back to wildlife, the major wildlife species in Uganda can be viewed the major national park that the country has. Lets however look at the major national parks in Uganda where tourist have remarkable experiences as they view the wildlife.

Kidepo Valley National Park
This is the most isolated national park of Uganda situated in the extreme northeastern near the border with the south Sudan. Kidepo valley national park presents wildlife in the true African ecosystem and it’s a home to a variety of animals including lions, cape buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, reedbucks, hyenas, leopards and many others. Kidepo valley national park is situated in a semi arid area but the park has an oasis in the Narus valley where most of the animals gather throughout the year as the herbivores search for fresh grass while the predators lay their strategies to hunt the herbivores for meals. Most of these can be seen by tourists on game drives along the major trials that the park has.

Kidepo valley national park is also a home to over 500 bird species and is therefore among the birding destinations in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is located in western Uganda and it’s the most visited savanna national park in Uganda. The park is a home to many wildlife species but the most outstanding species include the tree-climbing lions, the Hippos (Queen Elizabeth national park has the highest hippo population in east Africa) and the chimpanzees in the Kyambura gorge forest. Other animals that can be sighted include baboons, waterbucks, elephants, Topi, buffaloes, warthogs, crocodiles plus many bird species.
The wildlife here can be explored while on game drives or on the boat cruise along the Kazinga channel where the hippos can be clearly seen. The Kazinga channel connects lake Edward and lake George.

This national park also has a number of explosion crater lakes including a salt mining lake (lake Katwe), which can be toured to learn about the local salt mining techniques.

Bwindi Impenetrable And Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
These two national parks are homes to the most endangered primate species the mountain gorillas. Uganda is among the three countries on the planet with mountain gorillas and Bwindi impenetrable forest has half of the world’s mountain gorillas with 11 habituated mountain gorilla families while Mgahinga gorilla national park has only one mountain gorilla family. Mountain gorilla in Uganda can be tracked at anytime of the year however best experiences can be had during the dry season when there are less chances of rainfall, which sometimes distract the tracking process.

Viewing mountain gorillas in their natural habitants is described as very exclusive, emotional, exciting and once in a life time and it explains why every the number of tourists come to Uganda specifically for mountain gorilla safaris.

While in Mgahinga Gorilla Park, one can also go for golden monkey tracking. Golden monkeys are covered with a golden fur and are also endangered primate species that are endemic to the Virunga area.

Murchison Falls National Park
This stretches from Midwestern Uganda and extends to northern Uganda. It’s the largest national park in Uganda and a home to over 76 mammals and over 500 birds’ species. It’s the park with the strongest waterfalls in Uganda (Murchison falls), which is usually toured by tourists on boat cruises near the bottom of the falls. While in Murchison falls national park, one cannot miss viewing the cape buffaloes, giraffes, giraffes, and a number of antelopes. Going for a boat cruise along the Nile also offers views of the Nile crocodiles and hippos along the riverbanks.

There are also chimpanzees here in the Budongo forest reserve as well as other primates like monkeys that can be tracked and even viewed by tourists on forest walks.

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