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Entebbe Zoo Imports Female Cheetah To Breed

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What to see at entebbe zoo

Entebbe Zoo Imports Female Cheetah To Breed
The months of March 2018 called for celebration at Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) with the newly introduced female cheetah from South Africa. The female cheetah was brought purposely to breed with the existing male cheetah so as to increase the population of cheetahs at the center and Uganda as a whole. The newly imported cheetah joins the two already existing cheetahs named Upe and Pian, which were introduced from Amudat district after they had fled from kidepo valley national park becoming a threat to people and domestic animals. This generated human wildlife conflict forcing local people to hunt down these cheetahs down for their safety and their animals until when the management of Uganda Wildlife Education center came in to rescue these cheetahs. Much as most people consider mountain gorillas as the most critically endangered species on their Uganda safaris, cheetahs are yet another rare wildlife specie you should not miss seeing. Research tells that only 2,572 cheetahs exist in the whole world hence worth seeing. In Uganda, cheetahs are only seen in kidepo valley national park located in northwestern Uganda. The rare species are the fastest land animals in the world which make an encounter with them one of the thrilling wildlife experience every traveler should not miss.

In exchange of the cheetah, the Uganda wildlife education center (UWEC) sent 10 monkeys to the mystics and feathers wildlife center in South Africa. Acquiring the cheetah from South Africa’s mystics and feathers wildlife center was the easiest way of getting these endangered species. Being the fastest land animals in the wild, cheetahs are hard to hunt in the wild, which would be difficult for UWEC management. For now, travelers to Uganda wildlife education center (UWEC) have a chance to see three cheetahs, which is undeniable, a life changing experience. The name of a new cheetah will be released soon for identification. In addition to cheetah UWEC is a home to several other animals, which include elephants, lions, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, elands, ostriches, and many bird species all for you to see.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens
Besides Uganda Wildlife Education Center, travelers can also visit Entebbe botanical gardens, which offers you much more than you may think. Travelers enjoy the beautiful tropical trees, beautiful flowers, and plants, animals like monkeys and butterflies among others. The place is quite, conducive with fresh water airs, which make you enjoy the beauty of Uganda the pearl of Africa. For birders, Entebbe botanical garden is a haven for the birders. The garden is a home for birds which include orange tufted sunbirds, yellow backed , yellow billed duck, glossy ibis, common sandiper, Senegal coucal, red billed futchfish, tambourine dove, klaa’s cuckoos, malachite kingfisher, yellow white –eye, purple-banded sunbird, lesser jacana, woodland kingfisher, yellow backed weaver, black headed gonolek, northern crombec, water thick knew, striated heron, spur-winged lapwing and pied kingfisher among others. experienced guides help you to spot these birds and explain to you all the unique features of every spotted bird.

The Uganda reptile village
Do not miss visiting the Uganda reptile village a home to all kinds of reptiles you have heard of or yearned you see. Expect to see different types of snakes, turtles, crocodiles, lizards and chameleons among others. Some people call it a snake park where professional and knowledgeable staff are ready to receive and take you all around the place. Travelers are also introduced to the importance and benefits of conserving these reptiles, which most people have always taken harmful, which attracts more support for the conservation of these reptiles. A visit to the reptile village reward travelers with a really close up experience with reptiles, which would be hard to see in the wild.

Ngamba Island
This is a home to the orphaned chimpanzees and is the best place to see these endangered species. A day trip to Ngamba is a life changing experience for travelers to interact with man’s closest relatives in a near wild like setting which help to preserve their precious habitat. Interestingly travelers to Ngamba travel by boat, which is an added advantage to enjoy the free fresh water airs. Chimpanzees at the sanctuary have been trained to do everything in time where they feel free during the day and then return to their enclosed cages to sleep at night. On a daily basis, these chimpanzees feed on porridge for breakfast, vegetables and fruits for meals.

Bwindi forest national park
Much as Bwindi is located in the far corner in southwestern Uganda, travelling to Bwindi for gorilla trekking is a lifetime experience. Uganda is a home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas, which make it a best place to trek these critically endangered species. 12 gorilla families have been habituated for trekking split in four sectors of Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo. Fortunately, gorilla trekking in Uganda is quite cheap costing 600usd for foreign non-residents, 500 for foreign residents and 150,000ush for east African residents. A gorilla permit is a pass to see mountain gorillas and therefore each traveler must posses his/her permit together with other travel documents to avoid any disappointment.

Other activities in Uganda include game viewing in the open savannah national parks (Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake mburo national park, kidepo valley national park), bird watching, boat cruising, nature walks, cultural tours and mountaineering among others.

In conclusion, book a Uganda safari to Uganda wildlife education center, have a close encounter with different animal, bird and plant species reaching out to other attractions and activities in Uganda rewarding you with a memorable experience.

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