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What makes Uganda the best safari destination for 2016

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Uganda the pearl of Africa is located in east Africa and it’s the regions most preferred wildlife safari destination. Uganda is a true natural beauty blessed with a number of wildlife attractions which forces many tourists to choose the country as the place they want to enjoy once in a life time safari experiences. Its most times even hard for tourists to choose the safari destination they will be visiting while in Uganda because of the diverse ecosystem. Lets quickly explore the most interesting and exclusive wildlife safari hot spots in Uganda the pearl of Africa that allure tourists to choose Uganda as their number one wildlife safari destination.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in western Uganda, queen Elizabeth national park is a haven for a number of wildlife species. The national park covers two lakes (lake Edward and lake George) plus the Kazinga channel, which connects the two lakes. The Kazinga channel is a home to a number of aquatic animals with the highest hippo population in east Africa. There are also a number of crocodiles here and many other wild animals like elephants, buffaloes are sighted along the riverbanks as they drink water. All these wild animals and a number of bird species are viewed by tourists on launch cruises along the channel.

The park also has a number of primate species especially chimpanzees in the Kyambura gorge forest. The gorge is crossed by a river, which supports a dense forest where chimpanzees harbor. A hike through the Kyambura gorge forest gives tourists a chance to view chimpanzees as they play and relax in their natural environment as well as views of other wildlife species like birds that also inhabit in the forest.

While in queen Elizabeth national park, tourists cannot miss seeing waterbucks, Topi, baboons, African elephants, buffaloes, the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector and many other wildlife. Most of the gem in this park can be viewed while on game drives or while on boat cruises along the Kazinga channel.

Southwestern Uganda

Usually referred to as the Switzerland of Africa, southwestern Uganda is composed with a number of gently sloping terraced hills with some forested mountains that are home to the most rare and endangered primate species the mountain gorillas. A drive through this region introduces tourist to the true beauty of Uganda with sightings of magnificent scenery of the Kigezi highlands. Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla national parks that are the leading mountain gorilla safari destinations are also located in this region. Uganda has half of the remaining mountain gorillas on the planet with a total of 13 habituated mountain gorilla families 12 in Bwindi impenetrable and 1 in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

All the tourists interested in hiking through the real African jungle to view human’s closest relatives as they relax in their natural habitants look no further than southwestern Uganda. A gorilla safari in southwestern Uganda is very exclusive and rewarding and enables tourists to explore other primates like the golden monkeys in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Lake Bunyonyi the second deepest lake on the African continent is also located in southwestern Uganda. The lake has a number of beautiful islands that are toured by tourists on canoe rides. Lake Bunyonyi has very beautiful scenery with a very calming environment, which makes it among the most preferred honeymoon destination.

Kidepo Valley National Park/

This national park is popularly known as the true African wilderness and its set a side in northeastern Uganda. Being somehow isolated, a safari to Kidepo valley gives tourists a chance to closely interact with nature as they listen to the sounds of birds, roars from animals and above all great views of a number of wildlife. The park is a home to cape buffaloes, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, lions, Africa elephants and many others.

Kidepo valley national is located in a semi arid environment but has an oasis in the Narus valley where most herbivores are seen as they feed on the grasses or taking water while the predators closely look to take down some of them for their meals.

Generally, Uganda is gifted by nature and its not surprising that it’s the number one and most preferred wildlife safari destination. The local people are very hospitable and all the safari guides are well experienced and therefore give the needed information to the tourists.

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